Wrong Fuel Recovery

Simply give us a call. One of our wrong fuel recovery technicians will be out immediately to attend the vehicle, get it fully drained, and having it running as sweetly as before.

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Help - I need wrong fuel recovery

Wrong Fuel Recovery

Whoops... you need wrong fuel recovery. Maybe you've had a long, hard day. You might be stressed, or unfamiliar with the vehicle or garage. It might be late, or dark, or the weather might be horrible. Whatever the reason you've done what you swore you'd never do - you've gone and filled up your vehicle with the wrong fuel. And now you're going to be late.

In a situation like this you want someone to come out and help you straight away, no messing about. You want to get back on the road as fast as possible. You need a wrong fuel recovery expert, and you need them quickly!

Wrong fuel recovery on the move - With you in an hour or less

We'll be with you within an hour, often less. All our mechanics are SPA qualified, accredited by the Safety Pass Alliance to deliver nationally recognised standards of health and safety. They're also 100% mobile thanks to a fleet of reliable emergency response vehicles, containing all the equipment needed to clear your engine and fill her back up with the right fuel.

Our Wrong Fuel Technician should do the job within half an hour, sending you on your way happy and relieved. We take most major credit and debit cards and we always dispose of contaminated fuels properly, being Environment Agency registered.

What to do – A common sense 'wrong fuel in car' checklist:

Being angry and upset with yourself won't fix things, and feeling that way leaves you in an emotional state where driving can be downright dangerous. Calm down, accept what's happened, and make sensible plans to get it sorted out.

5 tips to stop you making things even worse

It's important to do things in the right order, the order that ensures you don't make the problem any worse.

  • Adding the right fuel once you've added the wrong one, in an attempt to balance things out, always ends in disaster. Even if you've only put a tiny amount of the wrong fuel in the tank, you'll need to get the whole thing drained
  • Don't switch the ignition on... and never, ever start the engine. It might be tempting but you'll only send the wrong fuel mix around the fuel lines and into the engine itself
  • If you've left the garage, the first thing you should notice is a dramatic loss of power. Your engine will start running oddly – you'll notice the change in its sound - and smoke will probably pour out of the exhaust. Stop somewhere safe as soon as you can, before you stall
  • If you're on a motorway, get everyone out of the vehicle via the near-side doors and stay well away from the traffic
  • Check your breakdown cover or call us. While the wrong fuel is unlikely to cause permanent damage, you need to have it removed by a professional, someone who knows exactly what they're doing

After asking you a few simple questions and giving you a fixed price for the job, we'll send someone out to get you back on the road asap

Wrong Fuel Recovery Assistance

Wrong Fuel Retrieval
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Wrong Fuel Recovery Advice

If you do find yourself with a diesel or petrol car suffering from the ill effects of putting petrol in a diesel car, no fuel or something that shouldn’t be in the fuel in your car, don’t panic.

  • If you have driven the car already - stop and don't restart it. Doing so risks damaging the delicate fuel system components.
  • Once the vehicle is stopped in a safe place, get out of the nearside if you are on a motorway, stand somewhere safe and contact us straight away.
  • After a few short questions you will be provided with a quote, and one of our wrong fuel recovery service technicians will be despatched.
  • They will aim to be with you within the hour, and rest assured that just half an hour later you should have the the vehicle back on the road, getting on with your journey.
Wrong Fuel Breakdown Recovery

Any Sort of Fuel Problem

No matter the fuel contamination problem the solution is to simply give us a call. One of our wrong fuel engineers will be out in a flash to attend the vehicle, drain the wrong fuel from your vehicle, and having it running as sweetly as before.

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Wrong Fuel

About Us:

We are a 24/7 national wrong fuel recovery service and cover the entirety of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We have fully equipped technicians based in strategic locations around the country to ensure that we are able to get out to most locations within the shortest time possible. Our average response time over the last 2 years has been 49 minutes.

We have professionally trained technicians and call-centre staff who are able to give relevant and honest advice and guidance on the subject of misfuelling. We are able to attend all makes and models – including modern vehicles that other service operators tend to shy away from (this includes hybrids).

We are certified to operate on petrol station forecourts, roadside or at commercial or residential locations.

If you have any questions at all about contaminated fuel issues then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are open 24 hours a day and are always ready and willing to help.

Note: we are not mobile mechanics and will not deal with or address any issues not related to contaminated fuel.