Wrong Fuel Drain

Simply give us a call. One of our wrong fuel recovery drainers will be out immediately to fully drain and decontaminate the vehicle, and having it running as soon as possible.

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Wrong Fuel Drain

Diesel is heavier than petrol. It acts as a lubricant and ensures a diesel's fuel pumps function properly. Petrol is the required fuel for internal combustion engines relying on spark plugs. When the two mix, the blend doesn't lubricate. It acts as a solvent, which destroys the lubrication and causes damage to the fuel pump and injectors, which ultimately dry out.

The idea is to get the mistake fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible, so there's no lasting damage and you can carry on with your journey.

This isn't a job you can do yourself, unless you know exactly what you're doing and have the right equipment handy. You need a professional, someone you can trust to get to you in no time, figure out what's wrong and how far the problem has gone, then deal with it and get you back en route. That's what we do.

Don't worry if you need help removing the wrong fuel from your diesel or petrol car. We'll get to you fast, complete a full mobile fuel drain, fix it quickly, and have you back on the road in no time.

How to tell if you need a fuel drain

Have you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle? You think you might have, but how can you tell for sure?

  • The garage receipt will show you the type of fuel you bought
  • Petrol and diesel smell very different – see if you can tell by the smell
  • Your car will soon let you know if you drive off with the wrong fuel inside – you might experience power loss, a change to the engine's sound or smoke coming out of the exhaust. The vehicle might stall altogether

If you're still not 100% sure, our fuel drain professionals carry the technology needed to verify whether you've put the wrong fuel in your car.

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Wrong Fuel Drain Advice

If you do find with petrol in a diesel car, no fuel or something that shouldn’t be in the fuel in your car, don’t panic.

  • If you have driven the car already - stop and don't restart it. Doing so risks damaging the delicate fuel system components.
  • Once the vehicle is stopped in a safe place, get out of the nearside if you are on a motorway, stand somewhere safe and contact us straight away.
  • After a few short questions you will be provided with a quote, and one of our wrong fuel recovery technicians will be despatched.
  • They will aim to be with you within the hour, and just half an hour later you should have the the vehicle back on the road, getting on with your journey.
Wrong Fuel Retrieval
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Vital first steps to prevent the issue getting worse

The faster you act, the better.

  • Never add the right fuel in an effort to make up for adding the wrong fuel. You'll only make matters worse
  • Ideally you'll realise what you've done before turning on the ignition. When your ignition's off the fuel can't make its way around the engine, and that's a good thing
  • Don't turn on the engine. You'll only send the wrong fuel whizzing around it
  • If you've already driven with the wrong fuel in your vehicle, stop somewhere safe and turn the engine off. Don't start it up again because you'll risk damaging the delicate fuel system
  • Contact us, then answer a few basic questions to help us figure out exactly what's happened
  • We'll give you an instant fixed quote and if you agree the quote, one of our fully qualified fuel doctors will come out to you
  • They should arrive within the hour, and it usually takes half an hour or so to do the job. You should be on your way again within an hour and a half of calling us
Wrong Fuel Breakdown Recovery

About our professional fuel drain services

Our fuel drain technicians are highly specialised people. They've all had specific training plus a great deal of experience across different fuel systems and vehicles. They know exactly how to access fuel tanks, lines, pumps and filters safely and quickly, drain the wrong fuel and start the engine. Their expertise means it's highly unlikely you'll need to replace any of the parts in your fuel system, which is a relief. Can we help you?

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Wrong Fuel

About Us:

We are a 24/7 national wrong fuel drain service and cover the entirety of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We have technicians based in strategic locations around the country to ensure that we are able to get out to most locations within the shortest time possible. Our average call-out time over the last 2 years has been 49 minutes.

We have professionally trained technicians and call-centre staff who are able to give relevant and honest advice and guidance on the subject of misfuelling. We are able to attend all makes and models or cars, vans and trucks – including modern vehicles that other service operators tend to shy away from (this includes hybrids). Whether it's petrol in a diesel engine or vice versa, we can help.

We are certified to operate on petrol station forecourts, roadside or at commercial or residential locations.

If you have any questions at all about contaminated fuel issues then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are open 24 hours a day and are always ready and willing to help.

Note: we are not mobile mechanics and will not deal with or address any issues not related to contaminated fuel.