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What is a fuel doctor?

Fuel Doctor

You might be wondering what a fuel doctor is. Well, if we liken a vehicle to the human body we can draw out similarities between treatment of illnesses and the resolving of mechanical issues in an automobile. If you are sick it is likely you go to see a doctor. He would probably be a general physician able to diagnose the general problem and either treat it himself or, more likely, refer you to a specialist for treatment.

This is the same as an automobile mechanic. They are fantastic at finding out what the problem with the vehicle is, but when it comes to specialist vehicle systems they are more likely to refer the vehicle to someone specifically trained in that field.

Moreover, if you had a toothache you would not go to the doctor – you would go directly to see the specialist doctor trained in the field of teeth – a dentist. Or if it’s a problem with your back you would see a back doctor or physician – a chiropractor. It is the same with contaminated fuel issues. If you have issues with contaminated fuel in your car, there is no need to take the car to a mechanic. Instead, get a "fuel doctor" to address the problem.

Fuel doctor definition:

A fuel doctor is a highly specialised automotive fuel system technician. It requires very specific training and years of experience on all different fuel systems on various makes and models.

They are trained on how to best access fuel tanks, lines, pumps and filters to be able to drain and clean them of any fuel contamination issues without damaging anything. This means that it is unlikely that any fuel system components will need to be changed or replaced in the process of a fuel drain.

Our fuel doctors, or “Fuel Drain Technicians” as we call them, are some of the best in the business. We have our own in-house training regime which ensures that they our fuel doctors are able to resolve any form of wrong fuel in car problem – be it that you put petrol in a diesel car, diesel in a petrol car, water mixed into the fuel, or even AdBlue contamination in a diesel fuel tank.

Why is a fuel doctor necessary?

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Many people assume that misfueling their car will result in its complete write-off or many thousands of pounds spent getting it fixed. However, you can be assured of one thing: this is not true, and it’s not the end of your car! In order to fully grasp the negative effects and reactions that occur if you’re faced by this problem, it’s important to highlight a few basic properties and functions of diesel and petrol here in such a manner that even a layman, completely new to science, will understand easily.

Diesel (also known as Petrodiesel) is one of the various fractions of crude oil (also known as petroleum) but is heavier than petrol. It acts as a lubricant to diesel engines which make utilize compression for combustion of this fuel. This ensures that the diesel fuel pumps functions without any issue.

Petrol (also known as gasoline) is another flammable, highly volatile fraction obtained from petroleum with a composition of many hydrocarbons and antiknock compounds. Petrol usually works with internal combustion engines relying on spark plugs for ignition.

With the differences marked out above, it is rather obvious by now that when petrol mixes with diesel in a car fuel tank, there will be a problem. This is because, instead of acting as a lubricant this mixture would rather start functioning as a solvent; hence, washing away all available lubrication provided by the diesel. The fuel pump and injectors are put at risk as a result of this causing them to wear and “dry out” respectively.

Additionally, as both fuels burn differently you will get an uneven burn (if you get one) and the car will run lumpy if it succeeds in running at all.

Our Technicians

Fuel doctor fuel drain

All our mechanics are SPA qualified and 100% mobile. In their emergency response vehicle, they carry all the equipment necessary to clear your system of contaminated fuel and introduce fresh, clean fuel to get you on your way. Wherever you find yourself in the UK with contaminated or having put unleaded petrol in your diesel car, we aim to get one of our mechanics to you in an hour or less.

Wrong Fuel Doctor
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Misfueling Advice from a fuel doctor

If you do find yourself with a car suffering from the ill effects of mixed fuel, no fuel or something that shouldn’t be in the fuel in your car, don’t panic.

  • If you have driven the car already - stop and don't restart it. Doing so risks damaging the delicate fuel system components.
  • When the vehicle is stopped in a safe place, get out of the nearside if you are on a motorway, stand somewhere safe and contact us straight away.
  • After a few short questions you will be provided with a quote, and one of our wrong fuel doctors (Fuel Drain Technicians) will be despatched.
  • They will aim to be with you within the hour, and just half an hour later you should have the the vehicle back on the road, getting on with your journey.
Fuel Doctor Service

Any Sort of Fuel Problem

No matter the fuel contamination problem the solution is to simply give us a call. One of our wrong fuel doctors will be out in a flash to attend the vehicle, get it fully drained, and having it running and have you back on the road in no time.

We deal with all manner of fuel contamination and removal issues. Just some of the services we provide:

  • Wrong fuel – we can help if you have put the wrong fuel in your car. We provide full mobile fuel drains.
  • Water contamination – if you have water in your fuel tank (most cases are as a result of using a jerry can or fuel container which had previously been used for transporting water)
  • Adblue in diesel: This is becoming more and more common as a lot of modern diesel vehicles are now fitted with AdBlue systems for cleaning exhaust fumes
  • Fuel Removal: This is a broader subject. In this capacity we deal with vehicles being de-fleeted, others being emptied out for shipping, transportation or because it is being put in an enclosed space (like a shopping mall) and needs to be empty. It also includes bulk fuel removal from depots.
  • Boats: We deal with boats suffering from contaminated fuel, old or stale fuel, or just needing to be emptied out before going into dry-dock.
  • Out of fuel: We also come out to vehicles which have run out of fuel and are stuck roadside.

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Wrong Fuel

About Us:

We are a 24/7 national wrong fuel drain service and cover the entirety of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We have technicians based in strategic locations around the country to ensure that we are able to get out to most locations within the shortest time possible. Our average call-out time over the last 2 years has been 49 minutes.

We have professionally trained technicians and call-centre staff who are able to give relevant and honest advice and guidance on the subject of misfuelling. We are able to attend all makes and models – including modern vehicles that other service operators tend to shy away from (this includes hybrids).

We are certified to operate on petrol station forecourts, roadside or at commercial or residential locations.

If you have any questions at all about contaminated fuel issues then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are open 24 hours a day and are always ready and willing to help.

Note: we are not mobile mechanics and will not deal with or address any issues not related to contaminated fuel.